iGO Portable Oxygen Concentrator


The iGo portable oxygen concentrator is small and lightweight yet capable of delivering up to 3lpm of constant flow oxygen. The iGo provides portability without comprising oxygen performance and allows the patient to maintain their independence and carry out a normal daily routine.

An ideal choice for travelling, the iGo can be operated from a standard 12 V car charger socket or from its lithium ion battery which provides the user with up to 5.4 hours of usage (when set at 1 lpm PulseDose mode). For long journeys the battery life can be extended using our proven ‘PulseDose’ technology.

The iGo is supplied complete with battery, AC / DC power adapters and mains lead. It can be transported using a wheeled carry case for added portability and the new detachable accessory bag offers an additional storage option.

The iGo is robust, user friendly and has been designed to deal with the rigours of everyday life.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Delivers up to 3lpm of constant flow oxygen and up to 6lpm (equivalent) in PulseDose mode
  • Supplied with rechargeable lithium ion battery, AC / DC adapters and mains lead.
  • Can be operated from a standard 12 V car charger socket
  • Variable flow rate up to 6 l/min at 91% ± 3%
  • OSD Sensor for continuously monitoring oxygen levels.
  • Visual and audible alarms for low oxygen levels, power failure and service alerts
  • Low maintenance – the iGo does not require manufacturers servicing for the first three years.
  • Ideal for travel – the iGo is approved by the FAA for use onboard an aircraft
  • High oxygen concentration levels across the whole flow range.
  • Available with two travel options: – 306DS – B : cart and accessory bag – 306DS-C : trolley and accessory bag
  • High quality and hard wearing materials enables the user to easily transport their device
  • Extra large wheels for ease of manoeuvrability including uneven surfaces
  • Detachable accessory bag for storing patient consumables, spare batteries and power supply

The following are run-time estimates for the iGo with a new, fully charged battery pack:


Product Brochure

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Product Brochure

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Product Brochure

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  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 38.1 x 27.9 x 20.3
  • Weight with / without battery: 8.6 kg / 7.0 kg
  • Maximum altitude: 4000 metres
  • Nominal sound level: 40dbA at 3.0 l / min in PulseDose mode
  • Oxygen purity: 91% ± 3%
  • Maximum constant flow rate: 3 l / min
  • Maximum PulseDose flow rate: 6 l / min
  • Alarm functions: low oxyge


  • How long will the iGo battery pack operate the unit?
    The actual run time of the iGo on the internal battery pack depends on several factors, including flow rate, breath rate, altitude, temperature and the age of the battery pack. Please see the specifications section for the battery run-time estimates.
  • Will the run time of the iGo battery pack change?
    Yes. As lithium ion batteries age, the duration of operation will decline. The iGo battery pack may operate at as low as 80% of its usual life when it was new.
  • Can I use an external charger to charge the iGo battery pack?
    Yes, the NEW battery pack is now available to purchase. Please contact us for further details.
  • Can I use the iGo in a different carrying case?
    No, the iGo can only be used inside an approved DeVilbiss carrying case as they have built in ventilation screens to provide adequate airflow for operation and cooling.
  • My iGo is plugged into an AC wall outlet, but the battery is not charging. Why is this?
    If the battery is too hot or too cold the iGo charge circuit will not charge the battery. Please allow the battery to warm or cool to room temperature before charging.
  • The iGo is making noise while plugged in even though I am not using it. Why is this?
    The internal cooling fan on the iGo will continue to operate while charging the battery. This is done to keep the battery at an appropriate temperature and speed up the charge time. The fan will shut off as soon as the battery is charged.
  • Can I use the iGo onboard a plane?
    Yes. The iGo has received approval by the FAA for use onboard planes. Please check with your airline before flying.
  • Can I use the iGo at high altitudes?
    Yes, the iGo can be used at altitudes up to 13,000 feet or 4,000 meters. The iGo battery may not last as long at different altitudes due to the change in the amount of oxygen available.
  • What percentage of oxygen does the iGo deliver?
    iGo provides 91% oxygen, +/- 3%. This purity has been tested to be clinically acceptable for long-term oxygen therapy.
  • Can I use a humidifier bottle with iGo?
    Yes and no. You can only use a humidifier bottle with iGo while in the continuous flow mode. A humidifier bottle cannot be used while the iGo is set to pulse mode.
  • Can I use the iGo 24 hours per day?
    Yes. iGo may be used for continuous oxygen therapy.
  • Can I use the iGo without a battery pack?
    Yes. iGo can be operated from an external power source if the battery pack is not installed.
  • What maintenance is required for the iGo?
    The dust filter located inside the handle recess should be cleaned regularly. There is no other routine maintenance during the first 3 years of operation.
  • Can I leave iGo plugged in continuously even though the battery is fully charged?
    Yes. The iGo stops charging the battery once it is full. There is no danger in leaving the iGo plugged in.
  • How do I know how much power remains in the battery?
    Install the battery into the iGo, and turn the unit on without external power connected. The battery status indicator will display the amount of power remaining.
  • What happens if the power fails while I’m using the iGo?
    If you are operating the iGo from an external power source and the external power fails, the iGo will automatically switch to the internal battery pack (if the battery is installed). If the external power resumes before the battery is fully discharged, iGo will automatically switch back to external power. If the external power does not resume, the iGo will provide battery status indications, and the iGo will sound an audible beep. The external power light on the control panel will blink once the battery is fully depleted. If there is no internal battery pack installed, the iGo will sound an audible beep, and the external power light on the control panel will blink immediately.
  • How do I know if the iGo is set to continuous flow?
    The green light beside the mode select button will be lit continuously.
  • How do I know if the iGo is set to pulse mode?
    The green light beside the mode select button will blink each time a breath is sensed.
  • How can I tell if the oxygen purity is good?
    As long as the green O2 light is illuminated, the iGo is delivering the proper purity of oxygen. If the purity drops below the proper level, the yellow O2 light will be illuminated. You may continue to use the iGo even though the yellow light is on, but you should quickly find an alternative oxygen source. If the purity continues to drop, the red service light will illuminate. You should immediately find an alternative oxygen source.
  • What is the maximum length of oxygen tube I can use with iGo?
    You may use a tubing length of up to 35 feet (10 meters) when in pulse mode and up to 50 feet (15 meters) while in continuous flow mode.